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Nina Yacoub

Lash Extension Expert

Nina is not only a lash expert, but she’s also a highly-driven and determined entrepreneur. She is nationally recognised certified trainer and assessor. Her passion and vision to bring a high-quality product to the Australian market are what enabled Nina to create Lash Extensions Sydney into the brand it is today.

Nina’s insane love and passion for all-things lashes are what fuels her day-in and day-out, to show up, do exceptional work and pass on what she knows to her team and the beauty industry.

Together with her two daughters, Nina leads a team of highly skilled lash artists in their Sydney salon in Concord.

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Our Lash Extension Products


All of our products are 100% cruelty free and always will be.

Huge Range

We stock a variety of lashes, sizes and a range of products to cater to your every lashing need


Our lash designs are versatile and fit for all eye shapes. Find your eye shape here!


What Makes our Lashes Different?

  • We offer high quality lashes that compliment ALL eye shapes.
  • We pride ourselves on staying innovative, constantly designing new lash styles and accessories while staying timeless.
  • Our lashes are created to imitate the real stuff (and they do a phenomenal job of that) there are absolutely no animal products used in our lashes. Cruelty-free, our lashes are safe and natural!

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