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Eyes are the windows to the soul—and you’re going to need some alluring eyelashes to serve as the curtains. No need for wishing for naturally long lashes or forcing yourself to put on heavy mascara or bothersome falsies. The lash lords have blessed us with lash extensions, giving beauty-lovers easy and efficient means to make their eyes pop!  Adding volume and length to one’s lashes, eyelash extensions are semi-permanent fibres attached to the natural eyelashes. It

If there’s one thing the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us, it is the fact that women are relentless in their pursuit for beauty and wellness. Although working from home and physical distance have become the new norm, women fortunately haven’t forgotten the importance of having a beauty routine to ensure they look and feel their best. Eyelash extensions are still the rage these days. This beauty treatment still persists to be fashionable among women. With

Lash retention pertains to the length of time an eyelash extension can last on natural lashes before they start falling out. Although last extensions are expected to look fresh and neat between six to eight weeks. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all extensions as some may be installed by inexperienced lash technicians or inferior products were used in the eyelash extension process.  Regardless of lash retention duration, lash technicians need to learn about tips and

Long, thick lashes aren’t something you wish you were born with anymore. No, you don’t need good genes to get that luscious eye-pop every day. The beauty industry has brought us one of its most heaven-sent contributions: eyelash extensions! Suppose you have always been relying on mascara, falsies, and other lash-elongating potions the market has to offer, you know how frustrating it is when those long and thick lashes have their own Cinderella moment—and not the