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Eyelash Extensions Eyelash Extensions Aftercare Tips and Tricks
Eyelash Extensions Aftercare Tips and Tricks

Eyelash Extensions Aftercare Tips and Tricks

If there’s one thing the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us, it is the fact that women are relentless in their pursuit for beauty and wellness. Although working from home and physical distance have become the new norm, women fortunately haven’t forgotten the importance of having a beauty routine to ensure they look and feel their best. Eyelash extensions are still the rage these days. This beauty treatment still persists to be fashionable among women. With social media platforms acting as our only means of connecting with friends, family, and the entire world, it’s nice that women still have an avenue where they can showcase their talents while still looking pretty indoors. 

If you recently got professional eyelash extensions, it is imperative that you take good care of them. To cut down your visits to your favourite lash pro, aftercare is a must. Maintaining full, long, and luscious eyelashes is no joke. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you ensure they look beautiful for longer. 

Do Not Forget to Use Eyelash Extension Treatments 

Lash pros will recommend the use of eyelash treatments such as serums and other coatings on your extensions. They’re not just selling to make a profit, but these products are absolute aftercare essentials. During an eyelash extension, various products are installed on top of your lashes. To make sure they look natural and adhere to your natural lashes longer, it is imperative that you use treatments to make this possible. 

It is also important to use products that promote the growth of your natural eyelashes. You got eyelash extensions because your natural ones are not as long or thick as you want them to be. The only long-term solution to achieve long and thick lashes is if you use treatments that encourage their growth. Eyelash extensions are temporary enhancements. The best way to resolve your lash issues is to use products that effectively nourish the lashes and stimulate their growth. Choose natural lash treatments that are enriched with nourishing ingredients, including polypeptides that stimulate lash growth and further strengthen individual lash hairs.

Brush your Lashes on a Regular Basis

Like the hair on top of your head, you need to brush your lash hairs, too. Experts recommend brushing lash extensions at least once a day. Use a clean spoolie to brush your extensions in the morning before applying makeup or immediately right after showering. Brushing will detangle lash extensions and ensure they retain their curl or shape.

Avoid Using Oil-Based Makeup and Skincare

Oils in cosmetic and skincare products can break down the adhesive used during eyelash extension application. Your extensions won’t last on your natural lashes for very long if you continue using oil-based products proximal to your eye region. While wearing extensions, we recommend avoiding makeup products such as foundations, concealer, or eyeshadows that contain oils.  Use a water-based makeup remover as they work just as well as oil-based removers. When it comes to skincare, you can switch to using skincare essentials that do not contain oil to ensure that the adhesive used during application will do its job for longer. 

Do Not Use Eyelash Curlers and Mascara

The purpose of getting eyelash extensions is to minimise the use of makeup products on your lashes. An eyelash extension will create thick and long lashes, thus eliminating the need to use curlers and mascara. You may be tempted to add more volume to your extensions by using a curler or mascara but avoid this activity at all costs. Instead, go to your lash pro for a retouch. Using mascara and curlers will ultimately reduce the quality of your extensions. Mascara may clump together, and curling extensions may result in accidentally removing individual extensions from your natural lashes. 

If you really want to use mascara on your extensions, you can apply to the tips of the extensions only. Use an oil-free makeup to remove the product on your extensions. Pat dry the extensions instead of using a rubbing motion to avoid fallouts. 

Avoid Steam and Activities that Make you Sweat

Do not expose your lashes to water, steam, and heat after the first few hours of eyelash extension application. These external elements can affect the adhesive quality of the glue used for application. For safe measure, we recommend going to the sauna, taking a bath, or washing your face at least 8 hours after eyelash extension application. Refrain doing activities that make you sweat as this can make the adhesive glue less effective resulting in fallouts. 

These are simple yet highly effective ways to ensure your eyelash extensions will look fabulous for many weeks to come. To learn more about lash extensions or to schedule an appointment with trusted pros, call our direct line today.