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Lash infills–the lowdown

Once you’ve got your first set of lashes, it’s not hard to fall in love! Those beautiful fluttery extensions look so good in the mirror, and you’ll surely get compliments from everyone about how fresh your face is! 


As much as we wish lash extensions would last forever, after a couple of weeks your natural cycle will cause the lashes to start shedding–this means that it’s time to say hello to your lash lady again, and come in for an infill. Infills are wonderful, as they give you some time to yourself (lash naps, yay!) in the busy week, and you’ll emerge with revamped lashes ready to conquer the world!

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What do bad lash extensions look like?

Lash extensions that are too long or too thick for your natural lashes will end up damaging them after a few months of application. If your lash technician does not consult you about your lashes, update you on their progress at all, or seems unsure about any of the materials they are using, don’t be afraid to ask more questions of them! 


Here at Lash Extensions Sydney, we always set up a consultation prior to the lash extensions appointment to assess the shape of your face and eyes so that we’ll know the thickness and the type of lashes that will suit you best.

Bad Lashes...

How do I know if my eyelash extensions were applied properly?

Your lashes should be almost weightless on your eyes, and you should have no issue with opening and closing them–extensions are meant to enhance your eyes and your lifestyle, not make it harder! Being able to gently brush a lash wand through your extensions is usually a good indication that they have been done well–each lash should fall back into its proper position. 


Lash extensions should not be painful, stick to the skin or fall out in large chunks. If you think that your lashes have been badly applied, feel free to send a photo through to Lash Extensions Sydney and we can assess them.

Myths About Lash Extensions

More often than not, we ask this question after our lash extension “Will my lash last long?” or maybe “will it be destroyed after lash extension?”. You may face this dilemma especially if you have read some bad experiences somewhere on the internet. Worry not, we’re here to discuss some myths about lash extensions.


False: This is a big lie! If your stylist uses verified and quality materials and is regularly educated in the field of eyelash extensions then there will be no way that your natural lashes will be damaged. 


It is important that eyelash extensions are not too heavy. The thickness of classic eyelashes are very important. 


One of the most important facts is that you should NEVER remove the eyelash extensions yourself, as it can damage your natural lashes. It is unlikely that you will safely know how to remove eyelash extensions so it is best to visit a lash professional.

The Myths...

False: There is plenty of variety of lash extensions to suit every clients’ needs and desired style, Lash Extensions Sydney have lengths from 7mm to 16mm and more and there are various curve styles and thicknesses available for your lash extensions.


Before we do any work on your lashes, we always do a consultation and we advise them on what’s suited for them according to their current natural lashes, face and eye shape.


False: The logic is this, why use mascara on your lash extensions when they already have the desired uplifting effect on their own? Secondly, mascara and eyelash extensions do not go together at all, so it is very important that you do not use mascara over the eyelash extensions. 


The mascara sticks eyelash extensions together and it’s hard to clean off. This also means we then struggle to clean our lash extensions, especially when it comes to volume lashes, where the mascara gets between the multiple layers. This might ruin your lash extensions. 


False: This is one of the biggest mistakes a customer can make. After your lash extensions appointment, we always advise all our customers of the proper way of keeping your lash extensions clean.


So ideally, eyelash extensions should be regularly washed, twice a day. This should be done with a light foam cleanser and brush and should be done so with care. How long do lash extensions last? This can be determined by how well you maintain them. 


Here at Lash Extensions Sydney, we always do our best to educate all our clients the proper way of maintaining their lash extensions. Expect that you will be taken care of and will be given extra care during and after the appointment.


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