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Classic Lash Tray C Curl

$12.99 ex gst
$6.50 ex gst

Create styled and lavish lashes for all you lash lovers!

Features a jet black finish with a slight lustre and strong hold curl.

-12 rows of premium PBT material on foil back strips for an easy and clean lift. Waterproof hard shell case.

-Mixed Tray Lengths: 8mm (1), 9mm (1), 10mm(1), 11mm (2), 12mm (2), 13mm (2), 14mm (2), 15mm (1)


*0.07 Classic Tray:

-Low and minimal tack at base for narrow point and better adhesion to natural lash. Easy fanning with all techniques. Easy mega volume fan making.

*0.15 Classic Tray:

-Perfect for a high definition natural lash look.

-The feather-weight and consistent curl makes a great component for a clean isolated classic lash look and great for adding texture to a volume lash set.

*0.20 Classic Tray:

-Long lasting curl with matte finish and slight gloss lustre.
-Tapered tip for natural lash look.



DISCLAIMER: Our Products are intended only for professionals who have undertaken the appropriate training. Once purchased, Lash Extensions Sydney accepts no responsibility for the misuse of our products. Anyone purchasing our products should know how to avoid irritation and inflammation and how to respond in an emergency.

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