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Classic Mixed Trays L Curl

$12.99 ex gst

The L Curl lashes are definitely a favorite among clients. The L Curl lashes were created to give clients a beautiful, soft lash lift. These long-lasting lashes will provide your clients with a flawless curl. Be the envy of all while you rock these stunning L Curl lashes during your next night out on the town

L Curl lashes are a perfect choice for clients with straight or downward-pointing lashes who want to add to their natural look. These L Curl lashes have a long attachment area, giving talented lash artists like yourself the ability to open the client’s eye. These lashes also push the eye and lashes forward, making them an excellent choice for keeping the curl from hitting the client’s lid on inset or hooded eyes. To achieve a more dramatic lash look, we recommend using the L Curl lashes.


-12 rows of premium PBT material on foil back strips for an easy and clean lift. Waterproof hard shell case.

-Mixed Tray Lengths



DISCLAIMER: Our Products are intended only for professionals who have undertaken the appropriate training. Once purchased, Lash Extensions Sydney accepts no responsibility for the misuse of our products. Anyone purchasing our products should know how to avoid irritation and inflammation and how to respond in an emergency.

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